i think about this video almost every day and i am so frightened of it


This makes me question literally everything.


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Portraits of Disney women by moonchildinthesky

Applied for Food Assistance and I’m apparently only eligible for $15 a month.

$15 a month.


Music Man HD-130 into an Ampeg Classic 8x10. Sup, @rigsofdoom

Music Man HD-130 into an Ampeg Classic 8x10. Sup, @rigsofdoom

I play this game with  myself on Facebook where I try to make a comment that gets the most likes on a status for either being funny or informative.

It strives me to be on my A game at all times.

I’ve got my job being annoying.
I’ve got people okay with racism in my music scene.

I literally can’t with everything right now. Just make it end.


Brave totally goes for it. 

however Taylor Swift


Brave totally goes for it

however Taylor Swift

Called my mom to see how she’s doing since I hadn’t talked to her in about a week and she ended up hanging up on me when I asked if Ben could pet sit for her instead of me because A) I now live 30-45 minutes from her and he lives there and B) I want to do a tour of GSU while they’re still somewhat in session so I can speak with the school of music instructors. Apparently it’s always about me, I never do anything for her, and it’s too much of a bother for me to help her.

Between this and the white power bullshit in my music scene I think I’m pretty much over everything right now.